Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Great Quote from Blessed Mother Teresa

Do you really know the living Jesus - not from books but from being with Him in your heart? Have you heard the loving words he speaks to you?

Ask for the grace; he is longing to give it.

Until you can hear Jesus in the silence of your own heart, you will not be able hear Him saying, "I thirst" in the hearts of the poor.

Never give up daily intimate contact with Jesus as the real living person - not just the idea.

--Taken from When Did We See You, Lord? by Bishop Robert J. Baker & Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.

This is a fantastic quote that cuts to the heart of the matter in our relationship with Jesus. Jesus is REAL! He loves us and wants to be in a personal relationship with each of us. We simply need to open our hearts and SPEND TIME with Him in prayer.

May all of us dedicate time to Jesus every day!

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