Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's not the "why," but the "what" and "how" that matter

For most of my life I have asked the question "why?" And that is normal... to a point. But when my concern for why prevents me from moving forward, then there is a problem.

For the last two years my family and I have been dealing with a terrible situation with our house. There are far too many details to get into here, but I can say that the problems stem from us purchasing a house with concealed defects. Those defects were only discovered a few months after we bought the house. The results of this unfortunate purchase? Displacement from our home for 10 months. Losing the use of the entire upstairs after moving back home. Living in complete chaos downstairs with so little space. Living with stress so terrible that we had to put the kids in school instead of continuing to homeschool. Tremendous financial strain and debt that has left us crippled financially. And law suits... against our insurance company, the seller, the roofers... everybody.

Over the last two years I have asked "why?" many, many times. Why, God? Why us? Why now? Why this? But all of my whys made it very difficult to move forward. At some point, I began to understand that "why?" isn't a question that God tends to answer much. As a matter of fact, not even Job could get an answer to that question. It seems that, at least in God's eyes, "why" simply is not important. God never answers my whys. But I've learned that he does answer other questions... especially 'what?" and "how?"

What, Lord, do I do now?

How do I do it?

These are questions that He is answering... slowly, in His time.

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